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✮ serving nepa one rib at a time ✮

The Hog Farm BBQ Company Logo
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about hog farm bbq

What is barbeque? It's not cold. It's not corporate. It's an idea. It's the sweet smell that carries through a summer evenings breeze and the little bit of warmth needed on a cold winter night. It is music. It is life. It's family and good friends. It is the Hog Farm BBQ Company.

Born & raised in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Mark Bakos spent his childhood summers on his grandparents dairy farm, and in later years worked for his father at Steve's Diner and his mother at the Wayfair Inn in Honesdale.

Working both back of the house (dishwasher, banquet chef, Sous chef, Executive Chef) and front of the house (busboy, waiter for a fine dining restaurant, bartender, manager), Mark has been in the hospitality industry for more than 35 years.

In 1984 while working at the Denver Petroleum Club as an apprentice chef, Mark had the opportunity to be a waiter at a fundraiser for childhood diabetes with Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Davis, Denver oil magnate and owner of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. This function was also filmed for a segment of the long running television show, Dynasty. After a few years in Denver, he found himself relocating to Los Angeles and working at Fox as Executive Sous Chef.

After spending twelve years in LA, Mark relocated back to Northeast Pennsylvania in 1998 where he enrolled in the Hospitality Program at Marywood University earning his Bachelors Degree. He also continued on to his Masters Degree in Business Administration From Regis University in Denver Colorado.

Mark created the Hog Farm BBQ in 2020 back home to reconnect with his roots in NEPA with delicious food and great events.

May you always be surrounded by good friends and great BBQ!

Mark Bakos, owner of Hog Farm BBQ on the farm as a child.
Mark Bakos, Hog Farm BBQ company owner.
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